Pros And Cons Of Airless Sprayers

Pros And Cons Of Airless Sprayers

Pros and cons of airless sprayers

Every product in the world has pros and cons, however airless sprayers seem like they’re too good with only a few cons compared to there massive amount of pros. If you want to learn more about airless sprayers, you can either contact us or read our other blogs!

Pros of airless sprayers


Probably the biggest pro of an airless sprayer is the speed in which you can complete a task, its acknowledged that (depending on the job) airless sprayers can be more than 4 times faster then other more traditional methods such as brushes and rollers

In addition to the speed in which you can paint, it also allows you to paint a much larger surface area far quicker than a traditional brush and roller. With many different tip sizes (learn about tips here) determining both the width of the paint spread as well as the flow!

Finally, its quicker because unlike a brush or roller where you have to go back and repaint all the nooks and crannies you’ve missed, an airless sprayer will paint these in just one pass!

Better Adhesion

When using an airless sprayer, the paint is often very ‘wet’ which allows the paint to adhere to the surface easier, and thus allows for more longevity in the paint!

No Brush Marks

Brush marks can be very noticeable on certain applications when painting, however with an airless sprayer all the paint is applied in a thin sheet and thus dispersed equally meaning no uneven paint and no brush marks!

Cons of an airless sprayer

Large upfront payment

While this is becoming less and less relevant with sprayers getting cheaper and cheaper, we can’t deny that a sprayer is a large investment to a company, even with our cheapest (QTech QP019) they can still cost hundreds of pounds. However, with the speed of the machine you would be able to take on a large amount of extra work in the same time… So how much of a bad thing is it really?


Unfortunately, machines can’t clean themselves just yet, and airless sprayers are no exception. To keep your sprayer in top condition, we recommend flushing the machine after you’ve finished a job. But in comparison, you’d also need to wash your brushes and rollers?


In conclusion we now understand that an airless sprayer will not only speed up the work you’re already doing but help you increase your workload, as well as performing a better job with the added adhesion benefits. Sure, we looked at some cons but how bad are they really? Its comparable to tradition brushes and rollers, but a level up! If you’d like to learn more about airless sprayers, then please contact us or phone us on: 01244 263998 and a member of our staff will be happy to help!

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