Q-Tech QP019

£1,169.00 ex. Vat

Great Value – Don’t waste money hiring; covers it’s cost over 4-6 weeks


Q-Tech QP019 Airless Sprayer

Limited Stock

Don’t confuse this airless sprayer with other small machines on the market. The QP019 has been designed with the professional in mind.


  • Entry level sprayer with the performance of a professional
  • Comes ready assembled
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Half the price of the market leader



Emulsion, interior and exterior; top coats, wood preservatives and most other low viscosity water or solvent based coatings. Exterior masonry coatings and some interior emulsions may need thinning in line with recommendations. Suitable for smooth coatings only.


  • Flow – 1.9 ltr/min
  • Max tip – 0.021”
  • MWP  – 207 bar | 3000 psi
  • Motor – 700 watt
  • Weight – 11.4 kg



  • TriTech T360 airless spray gun
  • TriTech Contractor 517 airless tip & guard
  • 1/4” x 7.5m textile braided hose assembly



  • 3-5 working days

The Benefits Of Using An Airless Sprayer.

They Ensure Greater Speed & Efficiency, Making You More Productive

Most trade users are used to painting or applying coatings by hand, or with a roller, and are typically very surprised by the adaptability of the airless paint sprayer. Whilst the brush is a good way of filling in details it is widely accepted that when you have a lot of work to do, it can ban an exhausting & time-consuming process.

Similarly, the paint roller is quicker than the brush, but tends to leave unsightly streaks that can mar the paintwork of your room or object. The airless paint sprayer is better than both of these historical paint or coating application method and ensures that you can get the job done much more quickly than you would expect, becoming more productive & increasing your work capacity.

They Ensure A Consistent Uniform Application For A Better Finish

An airless sprayer is perfect for areas which are not ideal for brush or roller application, such as textured walls, stippled ceilings, or other uneven effects. You can use the sprayer to provide a uniform application of paint or coating which will allow you to get more out of your room or object.

Critically you will not have to stop and start, as you do with ordinary painting methods, so you can get it done, and move onto the next job faster and aid productivity. Applying even layers also means that you avoid the unnecessary riding and streaking of rollers and paintbrushes.

They Is No Compression So No Overspray Either

While the airless paint sprayer is not the only paint machine on the market, you should know that many of the other methods use compression techniques to drive the paint or coating through the nozzle.

This is not true of the airless sprayer, which uses a hose method to push the paint outside, rather like using a pressure washer on your car. This prevents the overspray problem which mainly paint machines have, and you can also control the flow of the spray, so it does not go everywhere, thus saving paint or coating wastage and giving a greater return on materials purchased.

They Are Portable & Therefore Easy To Use Day To Day

While brushes and rollers are easily movable, most large paint machines are often very difficult to manipulate, and sometimes take more than one person to move them around a room. Not so with most airless paint sprayers, which can be lifted by hand in most instances or easily transported on a cart where the weight exceeds 25Kg, which not only means that you can move it about the room, but also lift it in and out of the car, van or building that you work in, so it can be moved into storage when it is not needed.

They are typically small for their ability, with a motor which is under 1 horsepower, so you don’t have to worry about heavy engines.

Before you purchase this machine have you considered the below TriTech T4, which is the Rolls Royce (Hilti to the trade) alternative. Competitively priced this option gives the guarantee of long service life and the assurance of peak performance for years ahead.