Masonry Contractor Pack

£2,629.00 ex. Vat

  • QP025 Airless Sprayer
  • 4x Contractor Tips
  • TriTech T360 Gun

Do you spray masonry and want to increase your efficiency? The masonry contractor pack is the right pack for you, its an all inclusive pack meaning all you need to buy is paint.

If you spray masonry, but want to increase efficiency, then the masonry contractor pack is perfect for you, complete with 4 different tip sizes as well as an extra hose. This pack will allow you to spray any kind of masonry!
Use to spray:

  • External Walls
  • Brick Walls
  • Stone Walls
  • Stone Patios

If you work with stone patios, brick walls or stone pathways; You’ll love our masonry contractors kit that we specifically built for contractors who primarily work in the masonry industry!
This pack includes:

  • QP025 Airless Sprayer
  • TriTech T360 gun
  • 4x Airless Sprayer Tips | QC313, QC517, QC519, QC521
  • 10 x White Pencil Filters
  • Extra Hose W/ Fittings
  • 1 Litre Pump Conditioner